Goma intelligent charging pile - safer and more intelligent

Goma intelligent charging pile uses Internet of things and safe charging management technology to provide unified, standardized and efficient charging service facilities. Users can search nearby charging piles through small programs to scan codes for charging, full stop, safe monitoring, safer and more intelligent.

Product model

Product parameters:
Product parameters:
Product parameters:

Build intelligent charging pile to make charging safer

◆Code scanning charging process
◆Recharge card usage process

Security upgrade

Internet of things cloud platform

Matching the charging business operation platform, operation monitoring and business management. Operation monitoring mainly realizes three functions: equipment management, monitoring management, operation and maintenance management; business management mainly realizes station location management, user management, billing management, data management, and operation and distribution management; intelligent supervision platform system can be embedded in fire Internet of things, community Internet of things, comprehensive management and fire protection and other platforms, and the data can be reported to the management department to achieve orderly electric vehicles Standard management of parking and safe charging.

Usage scenarios