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Help the construction of smart city and build a smart charging service network


Optical storage intelligent microgrid



Guoxia science and technology, combined with industrial chain resources, has created a joint industry of intelligent manufacturing of lithium battery. Intelligent manufacturing of lithium battery module line and pack line integrates key technologies such

About Us

Shanghai Guoxia Technology Co., Ltd. is a smart energy Internet of things technology service company, which provides customized products and services of smart lithium battery / power supply, smart charging and changing cabinet and Internet of things platform for global users. Relying on the independently developed BMS, modules and Internet of things system, the data exchange and data analysis of lithium battery and charge and exchange cabinet in the cloud are realized, and the integrated intelligent energy ecological service is created.

Main business: production and sales of guoma lithium battery, intelligent charging and changing operation platform, intelligent control software and hardware solutions, and echelon recycling of lithium battery.



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