Optical storage intelligent microgrid solution

Guoxia technology combines new energy and intelligent control IOT technology to provide an integrated solution of new energy smart micro grid. The system combines smart micro grid technology with photovoltaic power generation and energy storage technology, achieves the basic balance of local energy production and energy load through energy storage and optimal configuration, and realizes the efficient utilization of comprehensive energy, with peak load reduction, smooth output and minimum energy consumption It has the advantages of large power demand, energy saving and improving the utilization ratio of photovoltaic power generation.

System structure

● Photovoltaic power generation

New energy power generation unit, self use, surplus power on Grid

● Energy storage unit

It integrates energy storage converter, battery pack, EMS, BMS, power distribution and communication equipment to realize system capacity increase, peak and valley elimination, smooth output and other functions

● Monitoring platform

Comprehensive operation and maintenance management solutions, including centralized monitoring center, big data analysis system, intelligent operation and maintenance system, etc.

System advantage

Restrain the maximum demand, continue the demand of increasing capacity of distribution network and optimize energy management

Shifting peak and filling valley, balancing load, realizing demand response

Off grid operation mode to ensure power supply reliability of key loads

Better absorption and equilibrium of distributed generation with high volatility

Improve power quality and enhance the friendliness of interaction with large power grid

It can be used as backup emergency power supply to solve the power demand in remote or missing battery areas

Outstanding performance

Smart energy management and power monitoring

Modular design, flexible expansion

Island operation and grid connection mode

Integrated reverse power protection function to ensure safe power consumption of power grid

Multi scenario customization development

Guoxia technology provides a variety of standard solutions: charging, storage charging, optical storage (grid connected), optical storage (off grid) and optical storage charging. The system can realize the "three in one" of power generation, charging / discharging and energy storage. The photovoltaic power generation unit can meet the demand of load power consumption and charging, and the surplus electricity can be incorporated into the public grid to realize the double benefits of photovoltaic power generation and charging operation; the energy storage unit By taking advantage of the difference between peak and valley electricity prices, we can absorb the low price "valley electricity and flat electricity", release the electric energy at the peak of electricity consumption, earn the price difference between peak and valley electricity and flat electricity, and reduce the peak of enterprise electricity consumption through peak cutting management and control, so as to reduce the basic electric charge of enterprise.