Digital energy service solutions

Guoxia Digital Energy Center devotes itself to building a smart digital energy storage platform - "Pinggu Cloud Storage". With the digital energy storage Internet of Things platform as the core, it enables the industry's aPaaS applications to provide professional digital energy storage solutions for customers such as families, businesses, and energy storage equipment related parties. Pinggu Cloud Storage uses an intelligent DTU+string BMS+aPaaS service architecture to form a cloud storage solution. Starting from BMS data acquisition, Pinggu Cloud Storage quickly obtains the most direct detailed core data in the closest way to the "core", intelligently collects data through telemetry, remote control, and adaptive reporting, and establishes a data model for the core to predict and estimate the core's SOC, SOH, internal resistance, status, etc, In order to achieve intelligent alarm and decision-making on the life of the battery cell, charging and discharging control, etc., so as to improve the utilization rate of the battery cell, ensure the safety of the battery cell, and capitalize the energy storage value. At the same time, the aPaaS architecture is used as the platform service output to provide a convenient customized platform for the application layer customer demanders, so as to quickly respond to the needs of the display layer.