Smart city charging network solution

Help the construction of smart city and build a smart charging service network
Smart city construction is an important measure for urban development, and smart transportation has become an important part of smart city construction. Promoting the construction of smart charging facilities around the largest volume of e-bikes can quickly realize the smart management of urban e-bikes and prevent charging fire and other risks.
The intelligent charging network solution helps to build a smart city, integrates intelligent operation management and Internet of things modules, and realizes orderly parking and safe charging of electric vehicles. Effectively put an end to the current situation of private wire pulling, charging in the house and disorderly placing of electric vehicles, and solve the potential safety hazards and fire risks in the charging process of electric vehicles.

Internet of things cloud platform

Matching the charging business operation platform, operation monitoring and business management. Operation monitoring mainly realizes three functions: equipment management, monitoring management, operation and maintenance management; business management mainly realizes station location management, user management, billing management, data management, and operation and distribution management; intelligent supervision platform system can be embedded in fire Internet of things, community Internet of things, comprehensive management and fire protection and other platforms, and the data can be reported to the management department to achieve orderly electric vehicles Standard management of parking and safe charging.
Small programs (WeChat / Alipay) support users to complete the charging business process, users register users through small programs, maintain user information, charge operation, charging curve query, exception provision, etc. The main functions of the applet include user management, map management, power change operation management, battery power reminder, full power reminder, exception notification push and other functions.